Grand Master

Grand Master B.R Bishnoi Sir is today's India's favourite and highly respected model and traditional Kung Fu master, and also founder of Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India. His martial arts teachings are implemented in schools, colleges and many other institutions across the country. It is intended that the traditional kung fu method in our modern lifestyle will prove to be a boon for our youth. Because today we are fighting hundreds of physical and mental problems with digital smart luxury life, so sports hard work is no longer in the lives of today's youth. Therefore, it is our first priority to make everyone aware of the symbols of Kung Fu martial arts. Presently, our passion can secure the future of the country.

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All the teachers of our Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India School are experienced in martial arts who specialize in various martial arts styles. There is a great chance for students taking training from our teachers. Our training is upgraded from time to time. And its direct benefit to our students and based on the friendly relationship with our kung fu school masters, you can keep your mind open so that our expert master can help you achieve your goal by watching the test till your chosen life goal and We Will help you to achieve your goal.

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