training programe


Our Federation has been providing self defense training for many years to Government Department like Police Officers, Home Guards, GRD, TRB, NCC and many Army person in all the states of the country and is still continuing. We are also providing training to all public societies, orphanages, old age homes, disabled homes, mentally retarded ashrams and many such NGO'S. There are many educational institutions like private and government schools, colleges and universities which provide Martial Arts Self defense training to lakhs of children. For the last 25 years, our federation has guided youth in different rural areas in every state of the country to become drug free and motivated them towards sports. Girls and women are trained in Self-defense, Self-confidence and educated people to guide them to reach their future goals. The elder person get relief from physical and mental stress through the training of yoga-meditation. The expert trainers of our federation have acted and are acting in many films like Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Hindi. We will continue to inspire everyone in the similar manner.


In this modern world due to polluted environment and lack of physical activities today’s children are physically very weak. They do not get educated places to play and they are indulge in Indoor Games. So to develop there physical ability and to make them healthy Martial Art is the best option for there overall development.

Winter camp

Don't accept less for your child ! We all know how important it is to have children participate in a fun, safe, educational camp. Buddhist Kung Fu Federation Of India Martial Arts Training School offer all this and more in our Martial Arts Winter Camp for Children (Boys & Girls) ages 5 to 21 and all institutes can also participate in this camp. Our camp offers a wide range of age appropriate Martial Arts styles, games, sports, educational activities and much more. The goal of our camp program is to allow the campers to have fun in a safe atmosphere while learning respect, Self Defense, yoga-meditation, Discipline, Skill development, Mentally healthy lifestyle, and Motivation. The experienced instructors will be teach many activities that simulate creativity, Develop teamwork, Leadership skill and allow everyone to enjoy the thrill of success.

Summer Camp

Get your child's summer boredom with Martial Arts Summer Camp! We are organize 1 or 3 day Summer Camp every year in Summer season. The camp is open to all children(Boys & Girls). Children participate in the age group of 5 to 21 years and all schools, colleges, universities and institutes can also participate in this camp. This camp has something new to do and is an excellent opportunity to get exposed to the many different types of martial arts and training styles. Also enjoy all kinds of sports games. The Grand Master has over 25 years of experience and will present training in Leadership Skills, Self Defense, Owen Focus, Yoga-Meditation, Self Confidence, Self Awareness and much more. In our Summer Camp they are learning to defend themselves, gain more confidence, focus more and improve their abilities and learn to set motivational goals! Children can take training as per their interest.

Diwali Vacation Camp

This will mark the 25th year when Diwali National and Inter National Martial Arts Camps are organized for 10 to 12 days across India by Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India. The camp is open to all martial arts artists, regardless of their style, rank, affiliation. We have participants ranging in age from 5 to over 70, and experience levels from less than a year to over 25 years. So this camp has something for everyone, and it makes for an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the many different types of martial arts and training styles. The combined experience of our Grand Master is over 25 years!! These Grand Master Judo, Maya Thai, Self Defense, Wing-Chun, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Wushu (Kung-Fu), Yoga, Meditation, Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Disarms, Competition Martial arts, Combative Motion, Modern Weapons training, Tournament fight, Referee and Judging training and much more. Students can take training in an assortment of classes based on their interests.

Special Coaches Training Camp

Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India have been organizing every year Seven to ten days training camp for Senior members and New masters. In which advanced practical and theoretical Traditional sports and professional training of Modern Martial Arts is performed. And all types of institutions joint with B.K.F.O.I.are guided on how to work on it. Management of district, state, National and International tournaments camps are also taught. So that it can be easy for the members and masters associated with us to move forward. In this way, the senior committee deliberates on all aspects and makes further strategies, and the masters who performs well are given Grading certificates to boost their enthusiasm.

Welcome to the Global Family on our platform

Anyone trained or untrained person in martial arts can become a part of global family of Buddhist Kung Fu Federation. In which you can work physically and conceptually to push yourself. Due to which your role will be important in all the programs performed in whole world by the Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India. With this you will be officially presented in all our events with the special care of your honor and prestige.On joining our federation you can push yourself by creating your own identity and become self-reliant. Men and women of any age can become a part of it. In this,there will be no hindrance of any physical or mental disability or any age limit. The aim of our federation is to take everyone along and take care of everyone's feelings, we will be very happy if it happens.